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Solutions Partner Program

WorkflowFirst welcomes the opportunity to work with solutions providers and to empower them with tools that can help them create quality products in record time.

WorkflowFirst lets you create advanced, professional and scalable solutions for your customers without the need for complex programming. You can use resources at your organization who are adept at understanding business problems with minimal technical skills, and then create high-value and high-quality solutions for your clients - letting you save often hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a WorkflowFirst Preferred Solutions Partner, you will be able to resell WorkflowFirst either as an independent license, or hosted within your premises. For the hosted version, you will be charged a small amount per transaction along with a flat monthly fee to pay for support. License fees for reselling may be provided at a discount.

To qualify you must already provide similar services and have an established client base. Please contact us for more details.

Additional benefits include being provided:

  • 1. WorkflowFirst Hosted Edition, which is a multi-tenant system allowing you to manage multiple, independent WorkflowFirst accounts on the same server.

  • 2. All the features of WorkflowFirst Professional, fully white-labeled applications with unlimited user licenses for requesters or approvers and full localization features (to translate to different languages)

  • 3. Expert support and development guidance, through a ticket system

  • 4. A customizable CRM (AssignCRM) that you can use to manage your sales pipeline (or resell)

  • 5. A customizable product and project management tool (AssetChief) that you can use to manage your solutions development (or resell)

  • 6. A searchable user-guide tool that you can use to document your solutions (or resell)

  • 7. A ticket system (FormTrack Help Desk) that you can use to help manage the support you provide for your solutions (or resell)

  • 8. Access to marketing material (high resolution logos etc.) that you can adapt for your own promotions.

We will also provide a limited demo WorkflowFirst service that you can use to develop prototypes of your solutions without incurring transaction fees.

In addition, for qualified partners we will offer the delegation of specific Professional Services to you. This will mean having access to our ticketing system to assist in paid support resolution and solutions provisions for WorkflowFirst LLC.

For companies providing other managed services, becoming a WorkflowFirst Solutions Partner is a fantastic opportunity for you to supplement your existing revenue stream, to gain customer loyalty and a closer relationship with your clients.

For those companies who already provide development services, WorkflowFirst lets you get more done with less. With a wealth of template forms and commercial-grade applications to use as a foundation for your offerings, you'll be able to provide solutions that will amaze your customers and prospects.

For more information on becoming a partner, please contact us at

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