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WorkflowFirst Professional Services

WorkflowFirst LLC believes that clients who create their own applications are their own best solutions provider. Our line of software products makes it easier to do just that, especially helping those who have little or no experience in coding.

Sometimes, however, you may not have the time or know where to start. WorkflowFirst LLC offers a wide variety of professional services to help you get started in creating your applications.

Application Design

Our consultants will assess your business requirements and offer solutions based on those requirements. With years of experience in designing applications, they can guide and help you in the application design process.

Workflow Design

Workflow is crucial to all businesses. It’s a process that helps your business move fluidly and run efficiently. Based on your business requirements, we will assess and translate these requirements into a workflow design. It could be as simple as routing forms or as complex as automating every aspect of your organization.

Form Creation

Designing forms is a central part of creating a WorkflowFirst application. If you don’t have time to create forms such as a series of checklists, orders forms, or employment forms, our specialists will take on those existing paper forms, assess them, and translate them into WorkflowFirst forms.

Report Creation

Sometimes a basic paper report is not enough, and you require specialized or customized reports, and have them be a part of the workflow process. We’ll take those reports and translate them into Quick Reports that can be invoked from within your WorkflowFirst application.

Script Writing

Although you’re able to design both the application and workflow on your own, sometimes specialized logic may be required. Our script writers can provide the scripts necessary to customize or further enhance your application, such as complex assignment logic, customized reports or business rules.


There are times when you may already have existing software products, but you want to use them in conjunction with your WorkflowFirst application. Our developers can help integrate third party software such as Microsoft Office, Sharepoint or ERPs with WorkflowFirst.

Beyond software, we also provide integration of WorkflowFirst applications with hardware such as barcode and QR code scanners, or receipt and label printers.

Technical Support

All of the work performed under our Professional Services can be supported post-implementation. The level of support will depend on your precise requirements and the complexity of what was implemented. Please contact us regarding our Service Level Agreement that can be established to guarantee priority to providing support for your product.

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