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Professional Service Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our services. Based on the level of service and complexity of your business requirements, we offer three pricing tiers to meet your needs.

Tier 3 – Basic Level

No programming or scripting required.

Form Creation

  • Creating WorkflowFirst forms based on pre-existing forms in alternative media or system (paper or digital)

  • Customizing forms from WorkflowFirst’s form library to meet your needs

  • Creating basic or generic forms for your businesses

Report Creation

  • Translate basic paper reports into simple WorkflowFirst reports

Price: Approx. $85/h (USD)

Tier 2 – Mid Level

Additional supports in developing WorkflowFirst applications.

Application Design

  • Help with assessment of business requirements and advising on solutions

  • Incorporating forms, workflows, or reports into the design

  • Minimal script writing

Workflow Design

  • Help with assessing business logic into a workflow

  • Incorporating forms, reports, or roles into the workflow process

  • Minimal script writing

Report Creation

  • Translating existing or mock-up reports into WorkflowFirst reports

  • Implementing existing or custom reports that requires minimal to moderate script writing

Price: Approx. $125/h (USD)

Tier 1 – Highest Level

Advanced support in developing WorkflowFirst applications.

Application Design

  • Assessment of business requirements and providing solutions

  • Multi-level, specialized form creation and integration

  • Translating specific interface requirements

  • Integrating workflow across forms

Workflow Design

  •  Assessment and translation of business logic into a workflow process

Script Writing

  • To create custom actions, scheduled jobs, dynamic assignments, or customize reports to specific requirements

  • Enhancing business logic or implementing complex workflow


  • Assess and integrate third party software

  • Assess and integrate hardware with the WorkflowFirst application, eg.

    • Barcode Scanners

    • QR Code Scanners

    • Receipt Printers

    • Label Printers

Price: Approx. $150/h (USD)

Please note that all prices are effective for 2018 and are subject to change without notice. For current prices or information about our other services, please contact WorkflowFirst, LLC.

Minimum hourly commitments may apply. Technical support for all levels is charged in half-hourly increments. Subject to resource availability.

We can provide priority response Service-Level Agreements at additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

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