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WorkflowFirst 4.1.1 Released

WorkflowFirst version 4.1.1 is a maintenance release that mostly addresses minor issues and features. Find the installation instructions below and as always we welcome any feedback you have!

Changes for WorkflowFirst v4.1.1 (Build
Release Date: May 7th 2018
Install as a hotfix, id "wff411".
Installation instructions click here

WorkflowFirst v4.1.1 Change List

New features:

Selection totalling. Now when you multi-select rows, and totals are configured for fields, the selected records will be totalled under a separate line also showing the percentages underneath. This is useful for adhoc reporting / querying.

In Quick Reports, Side By Side display now wraps the entries so it can be used to create labels. Also the maximum number of columns to show per row side-by-side is now configurable in the report section.

Server (publishing targets) can now have a Required Role. This means the user must have that role to be able to publish to that server.

Minor changes / fixes:

Upgrade jQuery to the latest (3.3.1) for security and various bug fixes.

Fixed an issue with Suppress Hyperlinks where it wouldn't apply to DbfScript Link fields.

The Delegate To functionality now also delegates the View By list under a record.

Fixed an issue where the delegate functionality would be disabled if the user disabled allowing user password changes.

Various style changes were made to improve the consistency of field widths in forms.

Improvements to POP3 integration and decoding certain characters.

You will no longer see an error if you try to OK a form without any updates applied.

New function str:StripOutHtmlEx(html, retainCRs) lets you control whether carriage returns are retained when extracting HTML.

Fix for workflow's Save As Draft functionality that have scripts on the first stage.

Fix to paging, totaling and sorting issues related to backlinks.

Errors that are displayed in a pop-up form will now be scrolled into view.

Fixed an issue where signed-out accounts would be re-authenticated with Active Directory with invalid credentials.

Fixed an issue with workflow stages with no roles set being visible to all users when assignment scripts are used

SQL Compact maximum database size has been increased to 2Gb. It was previously 256Mb.

In Active Directory integration, if the authentication script doesn't set the WorkerRoles, it now defaults to the GroupNames.

Fix to an issue where editing pre-populated sub-records with files would cause the file to be overwritten with an empty file.

On the Users tab made it clearer which users are currently delegates (through a color change), and fix ability to remove delegates

Fixed a problem where we now only expand mandatory sub-forms in a new record, not if it's showing existing records.

The Format Code setting in a field definition now has a dropdown that shows some hints about using the format code.

Tutorials now work correctly with pop-up actions.

Fix for special characters in the language dictionary file.

Fix for workflow's "Run This Stage Instead" where it would erroneously run the script of the stage it points to.

The sort order is no longer lost when applying or adding a search filter.

Report sections now have a Logo setting, that lets you upload a static image that will be displayed at the top of the section.

Fix bug with DescribePathSimple, where cropping the first part of the path didn't work.

Fix for the Rich Text edit field not getting focus when the form is first displayed

Fix for switch boxes not displaying properly at low resolutions.

Workflow emails now show the full path to the assigned record.

When adding a role to a user, "Receive Role-Based Emails" is now on by default.

Change Management "There are changes pending" is now only shown to the supervisor.

Various fixes related to chat bot sessions.

Fix for the dashboard request count for WorkflowFirst Express.

Tooltips (field descriptions) related to inline subforms now show as pop-up tooltips when you hover over the expansion link.

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